Choughed to Meet You was opened in 2012, in an aim to celebrate the fantastic businesses we have in Cornwall at a time when we seemed to only be hearing the negative news of businesses who were sadly closing.

choughed1“We believe word of mouth is the best form of advertising.  Who better than your fellow Cornish business Owners to spread the word about your Business  & to get people talking about the fantastic businesses we have in Cornwall

Our Aim is for Cornish Businesses to work together and spread the word about each other.


choughed1How Choughed to Meet You Works




We introduce all new Members on our Facebook Page.  Check back regularly to learn about them and network.

Choughed to Meet You, makes it easy for to find like minded Cornish Business Owners, all in one place.

Recommend the Businesses you meet and use their services, for your own business and domestic needs, thereby keeping business in Cornwall and between Choughed to Meet You Members

We are sometimes too busy running our own businesses to be able to lift our heads and get to know about the other businesses we have in Cornwall. Work together so that when you are asked – “Can you recommend ….?” you can introduce a fellow Member, thereby keeping business within Cornwall & supporting fellow members – the same way they will be supporting you.

The Choughed to Meet You Directory has a wide range of categories and makes it easy for you to find a fellow member’s Business. Make sure you add your business to the directory – it’s easy and FREE.

We firmly believe people ‘buy’ people, given a choice of two businesses, people are more likely to use the Company owned by the person they like and know

Just taking time to message or visit their page, to give a simple welcome to Choughed to Meet You, starts that process.  You introduce yourself to them at the same time, thereby promoting your business as you learn about theirs.

Don’t worry that your messages won’t be welcomed, all members agree to this as part of the terms and conditions of Choughed to Meet You, but please do respect your members page and contact them only for the purpose as stated above.


choughed1How to Join?  It’s Free, Simple and Available to all Businesses Based in Cornwall


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