Our Ethos:

is to create a community of like minded positive business owners ‘on the front line’, who support and work together to promote and grow each others businesses.

We offer a place for fellow business owners to meet and network with each other. We are not a professional body in business services, but an entity run by a cornish business owner, with an idea to create a place where fellow cornish business owners, can meet and work with each other to promote and grow their businesses. We are proud to be Cornish and believe word of mouth is the best form of advertising and who better to spread the word than your fellow cornish business owners.

You may well find errors, areas which are not as polished as services provided by professional entities (and we welcome you to let us know) … but:

Contact with Choughed to Meet You, will be met my someone wishing to do their very best for you, who experiences both the difficulties and positives we face on the ‘front line’ and who is dedicated to working with everyone to grow Choughed to Meet You to fulfil its full potential.

Does this sound like the place for you? If so we would love to welcome you to the community and welcome you to contact me at hello@choughed.co.uk any time. Emails are normally checked every day and every effort is made to answer as quickly as possible

NB: Choughed to Meet You reserve to right to cancel membership at any time, without refund, should any business act outside the spirit of the page, should we decide this would be for the benefit of fellow members.

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